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Mr. Altemose

 dale altemose

Meet Mr. Dale Altemose, one of the most unsung heroes in the ESASD.  He is the first of our recurring series of articles on staff within our high school.

Name: Dale Altemose

Position: Maintenance

What is your actual job title here at the high school: “I do not have a title, but I receive the paper for all of the buildings.” This means Mr. Altemose is in charge of distributing all of the District’s school paper to each of the schools.

What type of things do you everyday:

I copy paper, do UPS and FedEX Pickups, and put a system in place for logistics across the District.

How long have you been working here:

13 years

How long have you been living in the area:

I have been living in the area my entire life.

Favorite part about the area:

I like everything about the area, until it got built up.

Did you come to school here, or your kids:

I went to Pleasant Valley, but my kids went to both Stroudsburg and PV.

What’s your favorite part about working at ESHSS:

Being able to drive a fork truck!

Least favorite:

The bathrooms

What is an interesting component about your life:

“I have a cemetery that is 150 years old in my backyard.” Mr. Altemose’s family is one of the oldest in the county, having helped found one of the townships in the West End.

Do you believe in ghosts, being that there is a cemetery on your property:

“My kids do, especially because there are 60 bodies in my backyard” says Mr. Altemose, laughingly.

When’s the last time you didn’t have a beard:

“The last time I did not have a beard was 1974, but I have had a mustache my entire life.”

More fun facts about Mr. Altemose:

Many staff members refer to him as “The Master Fixing Man”

He has had 7 Uncle’s that were sheriffs in the Broadheadsville area.

His family used to own Schafer School House.

Mr. Altemose is a huge fan of the Beach Boys.

Without Mr. Altemose, the district would not be able to run nearly as smoothly as it does. We are very thankful for everything that he does to help our students and staff each and everyday.