Grading Policy: 


Exams/Projects:  45%

             All tests will be announced at least two days in advance. If you are caught cheating or talking during an exam you will automatically receive a zero! All students are required to complete a reading project per quarter. Guidelines for each project will be sent home and parent/guardian are required to sign the letter of acknowledgement. Plagiarizing- or in other words, presenting someone else’s work as one’s own, will not be tolerated!  Student’s who are caught plagiarizing will receive a zero.

 Homework/Quizzes:  30%

             Homework is assigned on a weekly basis, given a percentage for accuracy, and is 30% of the grade. Therefore, it is important for all students to take their time and try their best when completing the homework packet. I will not accept homework after the assigned deadline. Absolutely no excuses will be accepted! Please make sure you return the reading packet with no marks on it. All of your responses should be written on the answer sheet. If you fail to follow these guidelines you will receive a zero for the assignment. Please note that I will not provide additional reading packets or worksheets! It is your responsibility to keep yourself organized. Most quizzes will be announced prior to the day of the quiz. Pop quizzes are given after learning a specific skill. Therefore, it is essential for students to pay attention during class and to review class notes. Once again, cheating and talking during a quiz will not be tolerated. You will automatically receive a zero!

 Classwork/Participation:  25%

             Class discussion and application of newly acquired knowledge is an integral part of the learning process, so points are given for in class discussions and assignments.  Also, when absent, it is the student’s responsibility to find out and make up the work that was missed. Notebooks will be graded and reviewed at the end of each quarter. Classroom disruptions due to unexcused tardiness or misbehavior will affect your grade!


 Classroom Expectations

·      All students will arrive in class before the second bell rings and will be seated in their assigned seat prior to the beginning of class.

·      All students will arrive with necessary materials.  Nothing other than your reading materials should be on your desk. (No brushes, lipsticks, etc.,)

·      All students will respect one another and the teacher. Any rude remarks or disruptions towards the learning process will result in disciplinary action!

·      All students will have respect of property. Hands off of one another’s desk, chairs, personal belongings, and bodies.

·      All students will raise their hand and wait to be called on.

·      All students will remain seated until dismissed by the teacher.

·      All students will follow the rules and tier of discipline that are listed in the Agenda Book.

·      All students must ask permission before leaving the classroom and you must have a pass that clearly states your full name, time, and destination.

·      No gum chewing or eating allowed in class!


 Daily Classroom Requirements:

 1.    Pen and Pencil/highlighter

2.    A Folder with Pockets

3.    One subject notebook used for note-taking

4.    Novel (Based on book report assignment)