NEPA Community Federal Credit Union
North Student Branch
        Dorimar                                    Victoria
                                           Dorimar Bernal                                  Victoria Gordon
Who is in charge of the Student Branch?
 All transactions at the Credit Union Student Branch are done by two selected seniors of the 
East Stroudsburg High School – North. These students are employees of the credit union and an 
adult credit union representative is on site to oversee the operations of the branch.
The goals of the student branch is to:
*Provide students with access to financial services while in a safe environment
                        *Increase student knowledge of financial products and services
                        *Create a generation of savers
                        *Integrate the credit union into courses to provide relevant learning experiences for
                         students related to developing money management skills
Students are able to open a Share/Savings Account with a minimum deposit of $25.00. Once a 
student becomes a member, they have access to Holiday and Vacation Club Accounts, Home 
Banking, Mobile Money, Postage Stamps, check cashing, and more. 
To help your child start on their journey to financial independence, select the PDF files to 
download and complete. Then have your child return them to the North Student Branch with a 
$25.00 deposit and their student ID. 
students related to developing money management skills.
Who should I contact if I have questions about the Student Branch?
Sharon D. Ortiz 
Student Branch Coordinator
337 Clay Avenue
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
570-421-5585 x1165