7th & 8th Grade Rifle Club

will begin April 2017.  Please stay tuned for more information as we get closer to April.      If you would like to receive more information or sign up your child for this coming season's Rifle Club, click "Rifle Club Sign Up" on the left side of this page.
                                                                                       8th Grader Justin S. prepares for the shot
                                                                                 8th Grader Justin S. prepares for the shot
The Cavalier Rifle Team completed their 2016-2017 regular season finishing with a near perfect record of 8-1.
Congratulations to the following students for finishing in the Top 20 of our Rifle League.  They will all advance to the Individual States Qualification Match.
#1    Robert Van Solkema
#4    Justin McLaughlin
#6    Patrick Fitzsimons
#10  Nate Rivera
#13  Ben Rickards
#14  Conner VanWhy
#18  Talon Clarke
#20  Andrew Alessi
Conner VanWhy, Patrick Fitzsimons, Justin McLaughlin, Robert Van Solkema and Talon Clarke went on to fire at the Individual States Match in Hellertown, PA.

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The Cavalier Rifle Team is the recipient of a 2016 Grant from the NRA Foundation.We thank the NRA Foundation for their generous Grant which will allow more students to participate in our school Rifle programs.

Thank you Buck Hill Firearms for your support. 
Thank you Mr. Manhart.
 For more information, visit the South High School Rifle Team web pages on this website.                                               
The Rifle Program at East Stroudsburg High School South is supported and financed primarily by our School District along with donations from Friends of the NRA.  Our sport is very competitive and ammunition costs are always rising.  Although District policy states that we may not provide advertising on our web pages, we may accept monetary donations (in the form of a check) from supporters such as yourself.  Please e-mail your ideas to Coach jay-armitage@esasd.net.