ESL Program Information

Curriculum Focus Summary

Level 1 – Entering

  • focus on interpersonal skills
  • personal information
  • listening skills
  • school personnel
  • school rules
  • beginning phonics: recognizing letters and knowing sounds of the letters
  • content vocabulary: numbers, colors, classroom objects, parts of the body, shapes, family members, clothing, food, weather, money, etc.

Level 2 – Beginning

  • listening and speaking skills
  • pronunciation activities
  • vocabulary
  • sight vocabulary
  • phonics instruction
  • word family activities
  • beginning writing skills: subject/verb agreement
  • reading/constructing simple sentences

Level 3 – Developing

  • continued development in listening, speaking, and reading skills
  • reading paragraphs/short stories with comprehension
  • Scott Foresman alignment with reading and writing
  • development of better writing skills
  • grammar: parts of speech

Level 4 – Expanding

  • fine tuning of speaking skills
  • advanced grammar activities applied in writing
  • use of higher level vocabulary in speech and writing
  • Scott Foresman alignment in reading and writing
  • read longer passages with greater comprehension

Level 5 – Bridging

These students remain in the classroom working on grade
level curriculum and are monitored by the ESL Specialist 
and the classroom teacher.