Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has established a new on-line operating system for
administering and managing educator information. This replaces the Teacher Certification System
(TCS) previously used to view and verify educator credentials. It is the responsibility of all educators to
become familiar with this new on-line system.
Go to www.education.state.pa.us , click on the ‘Teacher’ box, then click on the ‘TIMS’ box. In order to update your
current educator profile/demographics and submit applications, you must register for a log-in at the
PDE website (top left corner under Log In). Once you obtain a log-in from PDE (this takes about 24
hours), you will have access to TIMS to view/edit your profile and, if needed, submit on-line
applications. Go to www.PA-TIMS.com. This page contains tabs to user guides, training, help and
support and access to TIMS. We recommend that all educators view the Applicant training available
Effective December 19, 2011, all educators must utilize this new system for all types of certification
applications (i.e. Level I, Level II, Add-ons, name changes, address changes, etc.). Level II
applications will no longer be processed through the Human Resource Department. However, we are
available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding this new system. The portfolio is
still a District requirement.
NOTE: During the early stages of this transition, PDE is requesting that all applications be submitted by
paper AND also online.

What is TIMS?

 The Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) allows the exchange of data
among several existing applications currently used by the Pennsylvania
Department of Education (PDE) to collect and manage data related to professional
educators. TIMS also incorporates an online certification process that will replacethe current Teacher Certification System (TCS).

  • A central site for processing and collecting data related to professional educators, includingcertifications, designations, disciplinary actions and highly qualified teacher qualifications;
  • A link between an educator's employment data and certification record - An internal database whichwill allow for the sharing of information between PDE's many bureaus;
  • A streamlined system for submitting, processing and approving teacher certifications
  • An online teacher certification system, providing a two-way line of communication between PDE andapplicants, educators, local educational agencies (LEA) or institutions of higher education (IHE)
  • The ability for users to complete payment transactions online to pay certification fees
  • A personalized "dashboard" for applicants, educators, LEAs and IHEs to better manage certification applications and requirements workload.

Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) andProfessional Educator Records Management System (PERMS) Open

The new Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) is now open.
The Professional Educator Records Management System (PERMS) has also reopened at this time. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during this major improvement in certification services.
Applying for Educator Certification through the New Teacher Information Management System (TIMS):

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) is transitioning from the paper application process to an online application process for educator certifications. This requires that all applications for credentials be completed and submitted through the new Teacher Information Management System (TIMS).

At this time, the following application process for certification in Pennsylvania is recommended:

Remember - You can check the status of applications that were submitted to PDE on the PDE website by going to https://www.tcs.ed.state.pa.us/ and entering your name and social security number.

Transition View TCS (on web)

• If application displays as “assigned on hand”:
– the application has been entered into TCS
– the application will be migrated to TIMS automatically
• If the application does not display
– The application has not been entered into TCS
– The applicant is requested to enter the application in TIMS in addition to your paper application
– After TIMS opens, follow the directions in the Applicant User Guide for submitting the application
through TIMS
To ensure no delays for the applicant during the initial implementation period we are requesting the
applicant to:

– Complete both the current paper copy of the application (338 forms from web) and also
– Apply online through TIMS
– Print the coversheet from TIMS
– Pay online OR send a money order with the application
– Send paper application (338 forms), coversheet from TIMS and needed documentation to PDE
This dual application request will only be needed until we can verify that the TIMS system is fully
Additional notes:
 Health certificates or other verification forms will be accepted on either
  • • the 338 forms or
  • • the TIMS forms to facilitate the transition